Over the last decade, they said diversification and asset allocation would protect us from bear markets. It didn't. We can show you why it did not protect us then, and why it may not protect us in the future.

Think about the goal-oriented activities in your life: raising your children, staying fit and healthy, your relationships, your career or your favorite sport. Can you name one goal-oriented activity where taking a passive approach improved your chance of success?


"Buy and hold" used to be the best advice for investing...but not any more.

Investments are not our mates, our professions, our children, our friendships, nor our real contributions to society.  These are the areas where we make our long-term commitments in life...not our investments.

Fulkerson Capital Management
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Active Money Management for Your Retirement


Massive government debt and slow growth around the globe has created an investing environment not seen in our lifetimes. The world has entered a "New Normal" and investment is now an active engagement. We give our money so that a company can do some good with it . . . if they can't, or don’t, we take it and place it elsewhere.  Your hard work is not to be lost or squandered.

At Fulkerson Capital Management we have always believed in active money management. Unlike buy and hold investing, our systems do not depend on a rising market to make money. They are designed to make money in up, down or sideways markets. 

Are you aware of the "5 Dangerous Trends Facing Investors Today?" If not, we commissioned a report on these trends and How to Avoid ThemCall today for an executive summary.



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If you are in or near retirement, and unsure what to do with a 401(k)/IRA, or if you have a large sum of cash in a savings account making next to nothing and are interested in a low risk system that has provided clients very solid returns over the years with very little downside risk, give us a call for some ideas on how to make solid returns while preparing for the next market downturn.
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