HOUR Detroit and DBusiness magazines commissioned a study of high net worth individuals in southeast Michigan to find the top wealth managers in our area. The list contains investment managers like Fulkerson Capital Management, estate planning attorneys, CPA's and financial planners.

They have a fairly sophisticated technology that polls a select group of people in our area to discover the names of individuals who are most respected and acknowledged for top level performance for their clients. The named professionals are then graded by the respondents from one to five stars. Our clients gave us a Five-Star rating -- the highest possible award of which less than 7% of wealth managers receive. 

We have been blessed to receive this award for 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. A great big "Thank You!" to all of our valued clients for this prestigious honor.

Fulkerson Capital Management
A 5-Star Rated Wealth Manager

Five Star Rated Wealth Manager as seen in HOUR Detroit Magazine for years 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015.

Unfortunately for many investors, their advisers do not have systems to "capture" gains. They end up with "buy and hold for the long run" type investments where the adviser and client have to "hope" the market goes up. History shows us "hope" is not a robust strategy.

If stock markets do not go up and instead crash - like they have twice since the year 2000 - most advisers have no system to get their clients into the safety of high levels of cash. They become trapped in a rapidly declining market and are at the mercy of where it finally bottoms. 
At Fulkerson Capital Management, we don't let this happen to our valued clients. We relentlessly chase perfection in our skills as a money manager to help identify major market turning points, knowing full well it will not be achieved because nothing is perfect. But in the process of chasing perfection, our goal is to catch excellence. We have no desire to be just good. We believe it is our duty to protect our clients from massive bear market declines and get solid returns during market upswings.
Rest assured..."We Stand On Guard For You."
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